Churches Involved with FCCT

Individual Churches in Farnham all have their own regular services, activities, ministries and projects that serve their own congregation and reach out to our community.

However, it is recognised that some projects are better done together – for instance it wouldn't make sense for every church to start a Foodbank. This is where FCCT comes in as a neutral charitable framework for projects where churches want to collaborate. 

Not all churches support, or are involved in every project. Some projects are supported by many churches and other projects have only a few churches involved and that's fine – individual church leaders and individuals within churches can choose how to be involved and to what projects they want to support.

FCCT draws trustees from a variety of churches. The management team for each project draws team and volunteers from a variety of churches. Volunteers for projects come from many churches but also draw in many non-christians from Farnham who want to serve their community.