Farnham Christian Community Trust. FCCT

Farnham and the surrounding area has a rich heritage of Christians working together on projects that make a significant and positive difference in our community.

Whether it be among children, families, those in crisis, or the elderly, projects that mobilise Christians to work together continue to be a tangible expression of Jesus’ teaching that His disciples should be salt and light in our world.

For over a decade, FCCT has been a catalyst for collaborative working and in 2015 was re-engineered and revitalised to help Churches collaborate even more effectively. Working with most of the Farnham clergy and Church leaders, it’s the legal and charitable framework for many of the inter-church projects in the town.


Love in Action

The Love in Action campaign is an invitation to all Christians in Farnham to make a difference in our town. Local Churches achieve a lot through their own projects and ministry, however some projects are done more effectively and efficiently in collaboration - the Love in Action campaign celebrates this fact!



In the last 15 years over 500 parents have benefited from courses including the 10 week Parenting Puzzle. Encouraging parents and carers to enjoy bringing up children and getting the best out of family life, it helps them understand their own and their children’s emotional needs while maintaining effective positive discipline. Courses run in a number of venues across the town and include some specially tailored for parenting teenagers.



Farnham Foodbank provides emergency food parcels for families in Farnham. In the last 12 months Foodbank has received 600 referrals from GPs, Children’s Centres and other bodies (up 20% in the last 12 months) that equates to 1800 people being fed of whom nearly a half were children. The Foodbank central store supplies food parcels to three distributions points across the town. 110 Christmas hampers were also sent our prior to Christmas.



Signposts is our inter-church collaborative schools work into 13 primary schools reaching around 3,500 children each Christmas and Easter through highly creative, age appropriate, utterly compelling and fun 50 minute presentations about what Christians believe these festivals mean. The tried and tested transition tour helps children positively move to secondary school and is an invaluable link to the Cohesion team.



Cohesion is our inter-church schools work into secondary schools, reaching students in every year group through lessons, assemblies and by supporting individual students through detached youth work, coaching and mentoring. We provide specialist expertise on such topics as Communion, Worship, Churches working together, the Christian understanding of salvation, and the philosophical issues of suffering and medical ethics.


Friends Together

Coping with bereavement can be difficult, whether it is the bereaved individual or their family and friends trying to help those in grief. Friends Together aims to provide a safe place for recently bereaved people to talk and come to terms with their loss. So that when you lose a loved one, you don't have to be alone.


Money Advice

Farnham Money Advice provides free confidential & non-judgemental financial advice, open to everyone. It is part of Frontline Debt Advice (UK), a faith based charity, formed out of a concern for the community and a conviction that we should care for one another.

Smaller & emerging projects...

FCCT also provides administrational support services for other small projects like Filling Station, the Duke of Edinburgh Youth Programme and a number of other projects where Churches want to work together. The trustees have also started a feasibility study about starting an inter-church Christian Counselling Centre.

Today in Farnham

Signposts Christmas Tour
 Tuesday 11th December
 12.00am - 11.59pm
 Potters Gate School

Money Advice Clinic
 Tuesday 11th December
 1.00pm - 4.00pm
 The Vineyard Centre, Church House, Union Road

Signposts Christmas Tour
 Wednesday 12th December
 12.00am - 11.59pm
 South Farnham Infant School

Foodbank Open
 Wednesday 12th December
 11.00am - 1.00pm
 St. Mark’s Church, Alma Lane, Upper Hale

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